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Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Decorations

The holidays are a magical time of year filled with festive celebrations, quality time with loved ones, and ornamenting our homes with beautiful decor. However, boosting our space with store-bought accents can add up quickly. Fear not – creating your own one-of-a-kind pieces is not only more budget-friendly but also allows you to flex your creative muscles! 

Planning and Gathering Supplies

Before diving into any projects, it’s important to plan out your decorating scheme and collect all necessary materials. Having the right tools and components on hand will ensure a smooth crafting process.

Color Palette

Establish 2-3 colors you want as your coordinating Christmas theme. Focus on traditional classics like red, green, and silver, or go modern with navy blue, blush pink, and brass. Sticking to a subset of shades will give your space a cohesive visual flow.

Materials List

  • Cardstock, construction paper, and tissue paper for cutouts
  • Twine, string, jute for garlands, wreaths
  • Ornaments – craft acrylic balls, wooden shapes, baubles
  • Ribbon in various widths for bows, wrapping
  • Glass jars, bottles, and tea lights for centerpieces
  • LED tea lights, battery-operated candles
  • Battery-operated string lights
  • Spray snow, glitter, sequins for embellishing
  • Mod Podge, glue gun, and tape for assembling
  • Scissors, craft knife, ruler

Once you have your palette and supplies, you’ll be set to start bringing the festive cheer. Let’s check out some specific projects!

No-Sew Decorations

If you don’t consider yourself crafty or don’t own a sewing machine, don’t fret. There are plenty of amazing decorations you can create without breaking out the needles and thread. I’ll start with a few no-sew options perfect for all skill levels.

Holiday Card Centerpiece

Used cars from years past make for a beautiful centerpiece. Arrange them in a basket or glass container, tucking sprigs of greenery and lights in between, then topping with a bow. The colorful designs will shine the whole season through. 

Glittery Window Clings

Cut holiday shapes like stars, trees, or snowflakes from contact paper and cover with spray or rolled glitter. Adhere directly to windows for a shimmery accent that wipes away easily come January. Kids will love helping with this one! 

Embellished Jar Luminaries

Decorate simple glass jars by gluing sparkly gemstones, ribbons, and twine garlands around the outside. Drop in an LED tea light or real candles with care for an inviting glow on entryways or mantels. 

No sewing? No problem! You’ve just completed three festive décor pieces using only glue, scissors, and some glitter—so cute and easy even the craftiest avoiders can tackle. Keep scrolling for more advanced no-sew ideas perfecting for flexing creativity.

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Advanced No-Sew Projects

Once you’ve gotten the hang of basic no-sew techniques, level up your skills with these slightly more involved handmade accents. The following projects allow you to truly DIY custom creations for special personal touches.

Felt Ornament Garland

Cut holiday shapes like snowflakes, trees, and bells from felt, then hot glue them onto twine, jute, or thin rope in a scattered arrangement. Hang the finished garland above windows or along stair rails for a cozy vignette. 

Tissue Paper trees

Crumple sheets of red, green, and gold tissue paper into bulb shapes, securing with a dot of hot glue in the center of each. Glue the “ornaments” directly onto a bare tree branch for a shimmering low-profile tree topper. It’s so simple yet adds such beauty. 

Photo Ornament Memorial

Print or cut out favorite family photos and glue them onto wood rounds or cardboard cut into circle shapes. Finish with ribbon loops on the back for hanging. A thoughtful way to remember loved ones as you decorate each year. 

While these projects still require no sewing ability, they push your crafting a bit by incorporating new techniques like crumpling, arranging embellishments, or adding sentimental personalized touches. Taking on more involved makes your decor uniquely you.

Wreath and Garland Basics

Where would the season be without lush greenery adorning our doors and mantels? Wreaths and garlands are classic for good reason – their easy ability to transform any space. Master these wreath and garland basics and you’ll be set to DIY for years to come.

Materials and Tools

  • Wreath rings/frames (plastic/metal/wood)
  • Garland wire, pipe cleaners
  • Evergreen branches, pinecones
  • Ornaments, and ribbon for accessorizing
  • Floral wire, hot glue gun

Creating the Base

Start by wrapping fresh or faux greenery pinecones around your ring/frame. Secure with floral wire as you go, tucking ends under.

Filling it In

For fuller density, tightly overlap branches as you wrap. Fluff as needed for a balanced look.

Hot Glue Accessories

Add ribbon, balls, and cones with dollops of hot glue for festive flair. Space decor evenly around the wreath.

Hanging and Display

Use ribbon to hang on doors, along stair rails, mantels. You can also lay garlands on any surfaces too.

Follow these foundational techniques, and you’ll be set to craft all your own wreaths and garlands with ease each season. Go wild decorating your space!

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Sewn Projects for Experienced Crafters

If sewing is more your speed, these hand-stitched items allow you to get really creative. They take more time but yield such personalized results. Break out your machine, and let’s dive in!

Christmas Stockings

Coordinate Christmas stockings in felt or quilting cotton using your sewing skills. Sew on bobbles, and pompoms, and secure names or monograms at the cuff. Such a treasured heirloom! 

Reindeer Applique Ornament

Print or hand-draw a reindeer design and cut out shapes in felt. Layer and sew onto circular ornaments to add a special handcrafted touch. Hang in twos or dozens! 

Fabric Bow Garland

Cut bias strips of silk and satin fabric. Learn to tie perfect loops, then hot glue them at the centers to make large beautiful bows. String bows onto wired garlands for hanging along banisters or mantels. So full of elegance. 

While requiring more dexterity, hand-sewing allows you to truly showcase your talents through unique creations. Dress up your home with these stunning additions.

DIY Holiday Décor on a Budget

The holidays can add up quickly between gifts, food, and all the trimmings. By getting crafty, you save big bucks while infusing more heart into your decorating. Here are some thrifty ideas:

  • Reuse items – old frames, baskets, jars, bottles
  • Shop sales aisles for discounted basics
  • Utilize materials you have on hand vs buying new
  • Make paper goods from scraps, old maps, magazines
  • Visit thrift stores for vases and platters to repurpose
  • Barter/trade non-essentials online or with neighbors

Stick to simple projects focused more on arrangement than elaborate embellishments. For example, fill bottle vases with pinecones, berries, and a single ornament rather than crafting an entire wreath. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can deck the halls beautifully on a budget.

Storing Decor for Next Year

Part of the joy of handmade pieces is their longevity – with proper care, your creations can become multiseasonal. Follow these tips for keeping items in tip-top shape:

  • Wipe down dust from any surfaces, and allow to fully dry
  • Gently remove & store fragile items separately
  • Tightly wrap wreaths and garlands on frames or hang them on poles
  • Label storage bins or boxes clearly by room/item
  • Tuck away in a cool, dry place like the attic, basement, or underbed

Keeping decor organized and protected allows you to enjoy it year after year. Pull bins out each fall to refresh displays without reinventing the wheel. Your DIY decorating skills will only grow richer!

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Q: I’m new to crafting – where can I find tutorials to learn basic skills?

YouTube is a great free resource for step-by-step videos taught by pros. Search terms like “how to hot glue,” “how to wire wrap,” “basic hand sewing,” etc. Websites like Instructables and Pinterest also have many craft tutorials broken down for beginners. Don’t be afraid to start small as you build your skills.

Q: What’s the best way to store leftover craft supplies for future projects?

Plastic bins, shelves, or cabinets work well for organizing supplies by material – one for paper goods, another for ribbons/trims, another for greenery etc. Be sure items are dry before storing to prevent mold. Label clearly so you remember what’s inside down the road. For very small scraps, zip top bags work well too.

Q: The holidays always seem to sneak up on me. When should I start crafting decorations?

Most experts recommend starting 6-8 weeks before your major winter holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah. This allows enough time for multi-step or more intricate projects to be completed leisurely without stress. You can certainly start early gift/décor prep even in late fall if you prefer getting a head start. Go at your own pace but allot sufficient time.

Q: What’s the best way to preserve homemade decorations between seasons?

Careful storage is key. Wipe down any surfaces, allow to fully dry before packing away. Store fragile or breakable items separately with plenty of cushioning. Wrap bulky items like wreaths well on frames or hang poles. Tightly seal up completed projects in tubs, bins or boxes, clearly labeled. A cool, dry area like the basement or attic allows items to remain fresh until next holiday season.

Q: How can I use my DIY decorations for other winter holidays besides Christmas?

Get creative with repurposing! Wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces made with neutral greenery, berries, and twigs can easily adapt for the solstice, Hanukkah, or winter scenes. Swap out specific Christmas ornaments for those celebrating your desired holiday. You can also get multi-seasonal use from crafts incorporating themes like snowflakes, mittens, or scarves rather than religious symbols. With a change in containers or accessories, one DIY piece can be styled in different ways.



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